Eve taylor sea salt scrub & cranberry cream body wrap

A full body scrub is the perfect way to cleanse and polish your skin leaving you glowing and vibrant. Our finely ground sea salt infused with essential oils of jasmine and ylang ylang soothe the senses while the dull, dry skin cells are buffed away.

On a physical level these scrubs stimulate the lymphatic system, aid circulation and eliminate toxins. Eve Taylor’s body scrubs are a holistic ritual in which you will experience heavenly massage techniques. Warm steamed towels infused with beautifully fragrant essential oils are then used to remove excess product before the cranberry cream is applied.

A hydrating & soothing wrap. A creamy blend to improve healthy skin function, leaves skin more hydrated, moisturised and protected from injury and stress. Cranberry contains anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant components to promote the skins healthy function. Promotes a feeling of well being and aids stressed skin. Your body is cocooned in a cranberry cream body mask. A scalp & foot massage are then performed, finishing with a soothing body moisturiser.