Velvet Rose not only offers a wide range of standard waxing but also specialises in intimate waxing for females.

This rapidly growing trend is definitely here to stay, with the traditional bikini wax slipping into the background becoming a much less requested service.


The intimate waxing requires a specialised course which means the therapist can Work the wax at a slightly higher temperature. Hot wax makes shorter and more stubborn hairs easier to remove. Perfect for removing intimate hair.

Please feel free to email or call Velvet Rose regarding any questions about waxing if it is your first time and you are feeling apprehensive

XXX Waxing

Each person is different as is a persons pain threshold. We’re big believers in doing things right and to achieve great results, takes great products. We use only the very best industry leading Waxxxpress waxing products, designed to grip the hair, not the skin.

We work hard to ensure all our salon professionals are highly trained and have perfected the correct intimate waxing technique, making sure you’re intimate wax is a pain-free and professional experience.

Brazilian - The bikini hair is removed including underneath leaving a strip or triangle at the front.

Hollywood - What we specialise in!

Waxing Information & Aftercare

For best results hair growth should be at least 2mm to enable full removal. If the hair is too long this may lead to breakage. There should be no exposure to sunbeds, hot showers/baths, swimming pools or saunas for 24 hours pre or post wax. Perfumed products should not be applied on the waxed area for at least 24 hours post wax treatments. Spray tans should also be avoided for 24 hours after your treatment.

For your comfort disposable underwear and refreshing wipes are available in the treatment rooms.