Sugar FiX Face & Body Sugaring!

“Have you had your sugar FiX?”

Anywhere you have hair, we can sugar!!

You think your skin care regimen is a lot to handle? Try hair removal. For those of you who take it to this next level of beauty maintenance, we applaud you! The process of removing hair can be a bit of a nuisance and indeed very taxing, depending on how often (and where) you have to do it.

We all have unwanted hair and there are several different methods available to remove it.

Of course, there’s shaving: the easiest, most convenient form, but that often leaves your skin feeling stubbly and sandpaper-like. Then there’s waxing, which if performed wrong, can break hairs causing an even bigger problem: ingrowns. Laser and electrolysis are the more costly methods, making hair disappear, and your money along with it.

Our preferred method of hair removal, called body sugaring, will make your skin so sweet, you’ll want to eat it! You can eat it! Here at The Velvet Rose we have FOUR expert body sugarists! All trained to the highest standard in body sugaring, you won't be disappointed!

What is body sugaring?

Sugaring is one of the most ancient forms of hair removal. Dating back to early Egypt, this method has made it’s way into the modern world of hair removal and is one of our most popular treatments!

The sugaring technique employs the use of a sugar paste made from just sugar, lemon juice and water, 100% natural! This substance has a wax-like consistency and color, but without the sticky resins, chemicals, preservatives and dyes that conventional “strip” or “hard” wax contains, therefore a lot easier on the skin.

The mixture is slightly warmed to room temperature, applied against the direction of the hair growth and then removed with the natural direction of the hair growth. The technique resembles somewhat of a smoothing of the paste over the area of the body with the hand or an applicator and then “flicking” it off.

Homecare is just as important during each sugaring appointment! We stock a range of homecare products to use yourself, we will advise which products best suit your skin.

What are you waiting for? Start your sweet journey of hair removal now!!

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